DJs Playing Badly: 2nd September 2022

Welcome to another installment of our usual weekly column, DJs Playing Badly. Every single Friday, we showcase an example of a DJ set going horribly wrong. Whether it be a crowd simply not responding to a set, a technical failure or something else entirely, this column features the best of DJ fail each week.

This week, we decided to go back to a classic set – a classic for all the wrong reasons, of course. We do this to celebrate the fact that Juan Atkins, 59, from Detroit is now a reader of Ears To The House. So in honour of this news, we found an example of his set going badly wrong.

The so-called Belleville Three have only appeared together a handful of times since the 1980s. Exactly why is something we’ll cover another time, but this particular appearance is from the Awakenings Festival in 2010. And to be fair to Juan Atkins – like we always are, even if he thinks otherwise – it’s not just him having a nightmare show.

A fuller account of this notoriously bad set has been published on this site before – but the gist of it was they arrived late, Atkins was lumbered with a laptop which didn’t work, Saunderson was the only one doing any work – and May’s role in proceedings is a complete mystery. But for now, let us enjoy the sight of Juan Atkins having laptop trouble…

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