So who is Carl Craig’s “surprise guest” tonight at Teksupport NYC?

Brooklyn’s Teksupport slogan is “provides a solution within house and techno” – and tonight, they’ll also be providing a solution in the form of a hefty pay cheque for Carl Craig, Ricardo Villalobos and a few others. They’re all playing tonight – but who is the “surprise guest” whom Craig is bringing along?

Ears To The House decided we’d refer back to a post we did on the subject back in August. Using artist websites, social media and any other sources we could find, we checked what each artist was doing this evening. Let’s see if we can narrow down this mystery…

The first name on our list was Jon Dixon, whom Carl Craig performed with at Kappa Futur Festival a few weeks ago. We reviewed the set at the time, and considered it to be way below the quality of Craig’s usual sets. Dixon himself has a new release out today on Bandcamp – and there’s no word online as to what he’s doing this weekend.

Elsewhere, we suggested Moodymann could be the mystery guest – but as he’s performing in Italy tonight, that rules him out of the running. Seth Troxler was another name featured – and since he’s due to play at New York’s Nebula this evening, a second gig alongside Craig in the same city might be on the cards.

Stacey Pullen is in Costa Rica tomorrow and did a back to back set with Craig on July 22nd at Ibiza’s Music On – might he be the surprise guest? We have no idea what James Murphy is doing, and Luciano plays every Saturday at Club Chinois in Ibiza – but this evening’s diary seems to be clear.

There was, of course, one other name on the list – and that was Derrick May. The part-time DJ has no shows lined up tonight, to the best of our knowledge. Teksupport have also failed to deny, when contacted by Ears To The House, that May would be playing. We’ll be watching…

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