Who appeared with Carl Craig at Teksupport? An update…

We’ve just realised something after another busy Sunday here at Ears To The House – we forgot to update you on a story we first ran in August and came back to on Friday. Who was the mysterious person listed as a “surprise guest” with Carl Craig at Teksupport NYC on Friday night?

We can now reveal that it was in fact Seth Troxler who appeared alongside him. According to our source who was at the event, the set was a rather good one – “far better than the train wreck he did at Kappa”, as he put it. This also means Troxler did two gigs in New York on the same evening – and that Craig’s dream of playing alongside Derrick May at a major event remains as distant as ever.

Right, go and enjoy the remainder of your Sunday. We’ll be back with five posts tomorrow…

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