Ash Lauryn’s sister calls EP “Sex Worker” – smart or stupid?

The mysteriously rising star Ash Lauryn – known as such because no one can quite work out how she ascended to her current fame in such a short time – has a sister. Now, we’ll quite readily concede that “woman has sister” is not really much of a news story – but there is one aspect we’re much more interested in.

And that’s the fact she’s also a music producer. Releasing music under the alias The AM – the letters are derived from her first names of Ann-Marie, she’s currently letting it be known she has new music. In a world where tens of thousands of new songs are submitted to Spotify each day, someone promoting something new isn’t unusual.

But what is rather curious in the case of her forthcoming vinyl release is the name and cover. It’s called the Sex Worker EP and features a cartoon image of a black woman wearing, ahem, not very much, holding a gun. It certainly stands out from your average vinyl, but why the name?

Phonica Records have a description which claims…

“Empathy is the codeword when it comes to The AM’s second solo EP. A short story through music and art, allowing you a moment to walk a mile in another seasoned professional’s shoes. Imagine life through her eyes, her thoughts, her feelings, her actions and motivations as her work takes her from flirty fun to a much more severe and fierce role as a vigilante, fighting for justice and retribution for women who’ve been abused and wronged.”

It’s terribly unfortunate, then, that The AM is trying to promote this release at the same time a less favourable story about sex workers is in the press. Ysenni Gomez has been charged in the USA with sex trafficking by means of force in an operation believed to go back at least 10 years. The operation could have hundreds of victims.

Is devoting an EP to sex workers the smartest of moves or just stupid? The jury at Ears To The House is out on this one – tell us what you think…

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