Dance music doesn’t have “the potential to last” – who said this in 1990?

It’s no wonder there are whole generations who are glad to have existed before the internet swept in and took over our lives. Whatever questionable clothing choices they may have worn or regrettable words they might have used in the past remain locked safely away.

But times have, of course, changed. Nowadays, you have to basically consider that everything you say or do online could potentially remain up there forever – not to mention the prospect of older material being digitised at some point. Which is why when Clifford Stoll predicted in a February 1995 edition of Newsweek that the internet wasn’t going to last, everyone poked fun at his expense when this information emerged online.

Elsewhere, a certain DJ, producer and self-certified musician said this in the November 1990 edition of Music Technology magazine…

“It seems like everybody’s using the same concepts, the same formulas, so right now I don’t think it has the potential to last, because it’ll lost its credibility through lack of originality.”

The person in question was speaking about the state of dance music – and Ears To The House would certainly make similar arguments today. But who was it who said this back in 1990?

Step forward, occasional Detroit DJ Derrick May. Whatever the merits of what he was saying at the time, there is one oddity here. You see, dance music was around before Derrick May came along – and judging by the ruins of what they now call his career, it’ll still be around after he’s gone…

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