After booting co-founder out of Spitfire Audio, CEO goes into hiding…

Last week, you might recall Ears To The House covering the story of Spitfire Audio putting one of their co-founders on a sabbatical due to some of his views. For the apparent crime of expressing concerns about the idea that children should be allowed to switch genders, Christian Henson was hounded out of the company he created.

Who was the person responsible for this move? Step forward, Will Evans – possibly the first CEO in the world without a spine. Fearful that Henson’s views could alienate some of Spitfire Audio’s customers, he swooped in and showed what happened to people who he doesn’t agree with. Namely they don’t have to go to work – but no mention in the statement as to whether Henson continues to get paid in the meantime.

Quite what Henson makes of being outed of his own company by a CEO he appointed is a mystery. And what’s equally unclear at the moment is the location of the aforementioned CEO. Just ten days ago, Evans posted a video on YouTube grandly titled “My journey to becoming a CEO” – which he’s since mysteriously made private.

The video in question was uploaded a few days before the controversy broke. A look at the comments reveals something very interesting – Evans seems to have disappeared from the internet around a week ago. Anyone previously telling him how brilliant he was got a personal reply.

But anyone daring to question his conduct over the Christian Henson business? They were met with total silence. It’s the same for anyone looking for him anywhere on social media – it appears Evans has vanished into thin air.

This lofty, haughty attitude has been typical of his company for the past week – they have declined to make any further statement on the matter, despite the fact there are customers openly threatening to stop using the company due to their stance on this. One person commenting on the above YouTube video stated they’d spent over £5000 with Spitfire Audio, but would now take their business elsewhere.

A company which was as confident in the accuracy of its views and actions as Evans would have you believe would publish and be damned. In other words, say what you think and allow others to decide. But he didn’t – the company closed comments across much of social media, apparently thinking this would reduce the furore.

In the meantime, we’re off to find out whether they still put pictures of missing people on the backs of cartons of milk…

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