Shameless plugs get you signed to Defected – just ask Hannah Wants!

How do you get signed to a label like Defected? Everyone seems to be convinced there’s some kind of secret formula to achieving this goal – infact, Defected’s own A&R guy Seamus Haji was talking about this only recently, as Ears To The House covered at the time.

Some say the secret is to basically have a lot of people follow you on social media and produce boring, but ultimately Instagram friendly house music. You know the sort of thing – something with a drop in other where you can film a DJ going nuts when it happens. Even if no one else usually is.

Others claim it’s simply to do with creating a good record with something about it. Former boss Simon Dunmore has previously explained roughly what he looked for – as someone who started out at A&R in Cooltempo, his word certainly shouldn’t be discounted. Whether it will remain the same with Wez Saunders – said to be more commercially driven than his predecessor – is something we’ll find out in due course.

But sometimes, it turns out luck has at least some role to play. Back in January, Ears To The House reported on a three way Twitter exchange between Yousef, Hannah Wants and Simon Dunmore. In it, Wants – real name Hannah Alicia Smith – claimed she had a record she wanted to sign with Defected. Her own words were the label would be “my ideal goal”.

Well, we notice that Smith has a track out on Defected today. It’s called “Cure My Desire” and features vocals by Clementine Douglas. Was this the record being referred to in those Twitter exchanges at the beginning of the year?

Smith described the song as having “the biggest hype on a unreleased record I’ve ever had”, whilst Defected say this record is “pinned as her most meaningful production to date”. Clementine Douglas is also tagged in the very same exchange…

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