Wednesday Whisper: 28th September 2022

Which DJ recently decided not to post a video on his socials because he couldn’t get the angle quite right? The American DJ happened to be in the UK recently when the news emerged of Queen Elizabeth II’s death – and he felt he needed to do something to acknowledge the event.

Although we’re told he has no particularly strong feelings on the subject of monarchy, he was quite moved when he noticed a number of his British friends were rather sad about developments. So over the weekend, he travelled into London – a city he knows extremely well – and walked over to Buckingham Palace. On the way, he stopped to get a bouquet of flowers.

Upon arriving at the palace, things started to go awry. The DJ could not immediately find what he called a “suitable place” to lay his flowers down, despite there being thousands of bouquets already in view. When he did eventually find an apparently appropriate place, he asked his staffer to get his phone out – and he confirmed he wanted the footage to be uploaded to his social media pages afterwards.

He did five “takes” in total at putting the flowers down and paying his respects. But none of the attempts were apparently good enough – one bizarre grumble was that in one take, the footage “didn’t show me praying hard enough” and another failed to “make my chin look sharp enough”.

As a result, no footage from the event was ever uploaded – but at least the bouquet remained at Buckingham Palace…

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