Innovator Juan Atkins gives us a mix full of… old records!

Juan Atkins calls himself an innovator. He says it was because he created the first techno record – and who are we, with our deep respect for him, to question this? But the thing about innovators is that their urge to innovate never really goes away.

Which is why we’ve found ourselves more than a little baffled by something doing the rounds at the moment, courtesy of Decoded Magazine. They’ve stumbled across a DJ set from none other than Juan Atkins and are currently promoting it as their “mix of the week”. It’s an interesting idea – perhaps Ears To The House should do that as well?

But there surely be must be a mistake here. The Atkins mix is being labelled as a classics mix – which is a little strange, and certainly not in keeping with his idea of being an innovator. After all, an innovator would normally want to celebrate and showcase their latest, well, innovations to the world.

Given the status Atkins has in the dance music scene – not least in his own head – we imagine a mix full of new music by the man himself would be massively popular. Yet all we have here is a set full of old records – yes, it’s a pretty good set, to be fair, but there’s no new content to be found here.

In other totally unrelated news, that scoundrel Michael James has raised his recent offer to $2000 for anyone who can obtain footage from a Cybotron live show of Juan Atkins playing chords with his hands. We, having such deep respect for Atkins, would never entertain such mischief…

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