A message from The Editor

It’s safe to say we haven’t been around for a while, isn’t it? Ever since October 6th, a strange radio silence has descended over Ears To The House HQ – so what on earth caused it and what will happen now? I thought that as the editor-in-chief, or whatever I’m meant to call myself, that I’d try and explain the situation.

It all goes back to the end of September, when two of our writers moved onto pastures new. It was all entirely amicable, but it did leave the site short staffed. Anyway, days later, I fell sick myself with a virus – exactly what it was will never be known, other than it didn’t appear to be Covid-19. It took me a few weeks to recover and then I underwent the task of rebuilding the team.

During this hiatus, we’ve spent a little bit of time looking closer at Ears To The House – and we’ve decided it could do with some improvement. There are things we do well, and there are things which really need to be better. Our philosophy is that we love dance music and its culture – but unlike other outlets, we don’t shy away from casting a light on its more negative aspects.

We believe the way to improve the scene is to shine a light on areas which prefer to be in the dark – but we do accept we could do more to emphasise what is good and positive about this culture. So, over the next few weeks, you’ll start to see some changes to the site – hopefully for the better.

Some, such as a change of focus and priorities or the newer graphics, will be more quickly apparent. We’ve also changed the font of the site to IBM Plex, although the DIN typeface remains for our logo and site graphics. Other bigger changes will also be introduced from January – more details on this nearer the time. But the central purpose of Ears To The House remains unchanged – to write about what others aren’t, to challenge what’s wrong in the scene and to promote what’s right.

Normal service resumes on Monday morning – and just wait until you find out what’s happening in Detroit this coming week…

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