After Kevin Saunderson’s mum defends him online, who’ll be next?

Parents sometimes feel the urge to defend their children against various things. This is a perfectly natural response to things – and Ears To The House would be quite concerned if a parent never felt like this. But we also believe there’s a time when people have to stand up on their own two feet and explain their own actions.

Such is the case of Kevin Maurice Saunderson, a 58-year old Detroit DJ and producer whom you might just have heard of before. Michael James has claimed on several occasions over the past three years to have been a witness to both Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson being arrested in the 1980s over allegations of a credit card scam – neither man has ever denied the story.

But it now appears someone has claimed the whole episode never happened – Kevin Saunderson’s own mother. She recently branded James “a liar”, and claimed Saunderson was “never ever arrested”. And in case you think we’re making it up, here’s the exchange as it happened…

The last comment from a neutral observer of proceedings made us think. Perhaps we’ll be hearing from the father of some DJ we’ve berated on DJs Playing Badly in the near future? Maybe Danny Rampling’s favourite aunty will be wheeled out to defend him the next time we inevitably mock him for something or other?

Perhaps an uncle of Carl Cox or some business techno type could make an appearance whenever we ask why they’re doing DJ sets in Dubai for obscene amounts of money? Or could we soon witness the mother of Juan Atkins – whom Ears To The House has a deep respect in – when we start probing exactly what he was doing at a Cybotron appearance?

Some of us in the office have long suspected many DJs are just overgrown children. This kind of stuff doesn’t really do much to disspell that impression…

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