DJs Playing Badly: 25th November 2022

Welcome to another installment of our usual weekly column, DJs Playing Badly. Every single Friday, we showcase an example of a DJ set going horribly wrong. Whether it be a crowd simply not responding to a set, a technical failure or something else entirely, this column features the best of DJ fail each week.

For this week’s edition, it’s time to look at something. Namely, what do DJs actually do during the times when they’re not mixing records? Time was they’d spent it doing some dancing whilst sifting through their boxes full of vinyl trying to work out exactly what they were going to play next.

Nowadays, the preference seems to be for turning knobs on the mixer – or sometimes just pretending to do so. This usually has no effect whatsoever on what’s being played, yet often gets used as Instagram filler – presumably by DJs who don’t want to accept that watching them work is incredibly boring.

Thankfully, Mochakk has one or two different ideas on what to do in the booth. Indeed, at one point in the following video, he looks like he’s attempting to catch a pesky fly who keeps coming just a little too close for comfort. See what you think…

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