Is Bandcamp Friday staying permanently? It might and it might not…

One of the most popular articles in the Ears To The House archive dates from May 2021, when our editor – who ran this site solo in those days – ran a feature querying whether Bandcamp Friday would soon become a permanent thing. At the time, pandemic restrictions meant the music world remained in a very difficult position – and Bandcamp dropping its fee on the first Friday of each month had been going for over a year.

Fast forward to the early days of 2023 and guess what? Bandcamp Friday continues to be a thing. Even getting new owners in the form of Epic Games hasn’t stopped this tradition from continuing. Bandcamp users received the following email back on December 15th confirming the next one would be held on February 3rd – one week from today…

So the question must surely be asked – is Bandcamp Friday going to become a permanent fixture on the site? Two years ago, our source said “The bosses have been thinking about it for a while now. They don’t think the pandemic ending will hit sales, and a lot of Bandcamp Friday customers come back regularly outside those days. They’re seriously considering the idea”.

Well, that same source recently emailed our editor saying “The longer that Bandcamp keep Bandcamp Friday going, the more resistance there’ll be when they try and get rid of it. With each day, it looks more and more likely it could be around forever.”.

We can’t help but agree…

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