Prada showcase clothes to Jeff Mills’ classic “The Bells” – and we don’t even know where to start on this one…

Believe it or not, but there was once a time when few DJs would seriously consider the idea of working with fashion companies. Most of them back in the day were firmly of the mindset that they should be DJing in nightclubs – not at fashion events. Some even actively looked down on the idea of working with the fashion industry.

Nowadays? Everything has changed. Then again, when the landscape that DJs operate in has changed so dramatically since the 1990s, that’s hardly surprising – getting involved with a fashion house can be a real money spinner. Just ask Richie Hawtin, who has previously worked with Prada, no less.

Now, Ears To The House knows full well that a lot of techno DJs these days dress in much the same way – moody, dark apparel with an even more moody, dark expression on the face is the standard look. Which is wonderfully appropriate given the models in this advert look like they just buried their granny an hour ago…

However, those of you with finely tuned ears might have noticed something – and we’re not talking about the awful, inevitably hideously overpriced clothes. No, it’s the song playing in the promo. You’d imagine, given Prada’s work with Richie Hawtin, that they would choose one of his records for this, right?

After all, it makes logical sense. Hawtin has an extensive archive of songs as Plastikman and other aliases, and they’ve worked with him before. It’s cross-pollination, a very trendy thing in business nowadays. But instead, they went with the 1997 track “The Bells” by Jeff Mills.

No doubt Mills will be paid handsomely for the use of the song – being a clever businessman, we understand he retains the master recording rights to almost all of his own music to this day. Nonetheless, this has all the hallmarks of a snub – the only mystery is why…

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