Tories are pushing for ban on sale of nitrous oxide in Britain, but is it just a distraction from their own political headaches?

In every country of the world, politicians have certain issues they can always turn to if they’re facing a hostile reaction from the public. It brings supporters back into the fold and at least gives the impression that they’re being listened to – whilst also ensuring a supply of good news headlines by pliable journalists.

In Britain, the Tories are massively behind in the polls – as things stand, Rishi Sunak wouldn’t be the PM anymore if an election took place tomorrow. So a government which knows it faces the same fate as the dodo is resorting to certain issues in order to keep their supporters on side whilst the country burns around them.

Ears To The House can’t see any other reason for the government’s determination to push through plans to ban the sale and possession of nitrous oxide – a drug sometimes called “laughing gas” which is also uses by hospitals to provide pain relief. But there’s just one problem with what the government is proposing – the supply of nitrous oxide for recreational use is already illegal, and has been since 2016.

So why are they proposing to do something they’ve already done seven years ago? As we say, it’s all political posturing and a repeat of the UK government’s failure to come up with a drugs policy which actually works. Instead, they have to keep trying to make a long failed policy work – not that they’re alone in the world in doing this, of course.

Still, if it keeps Rupert Murdoch and The Sun newspaper on board for just a little bit longer, eh?

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