Does no one dance to house music anymore? Defected appropriate a hip-hop event to promote themselves…

Regular readers might remember a story that Ears To The House published last summer about Defected and Anthony Hopkins. The article was about a video of the legendary actor, who appeared to be dancing to John Summit’s tech-house song “La Danza”. But there was just one problem here.

Was Anthony Hopkins really dancing to this particularly uninspired and quotidian tech-house song? After all, that would be quite a mean feat in a genre where new lows are being reached every day. Unsurprisingly, it turns out the answer was no – Hopkins was actually cavorting to a synonymous Colombian song called “La Pollera Colorá”.

Nowhere did Defected link to the original post – they seemed to think simply tagging Hopkins’s Instagram account was sufficient. If other, more amateur labels put this, it could be put down to laziness. For Defected – a label whose social media operations include churning out an endless supply of content designed only to keep eyeballs and an algorithm on side.

Well, it appears the now Wez Saunders owned propaganda machine has done it again. This time, it was to promote “Hit It”, a song by Junior Sanchez and Nez released by the label last Friday. This Instagram post featured what we shall describe as an older gentleman enjoying himself at a show – it’s the sort of dancing we should see much, much more of at house music shows.

So is the man in question really strutting his stuff to the Junior Sanchez release? Er, that would be a no. A quick search online reveals his identity – he is Mike Predovic, otherwise known as OG Mike Chaos. According to SF Gate, “he gets his name for his distinctive dance style, a mix between turfing and boogalooing, improvisational styles of dance developed in Oakland that focus on unique personal style”.

And what song is he really dancing to? Well, it’s not a Junior Sanchez song, and it’s not even anything on Defected. It turns out Predovic was making moves to “Children’s Story”, the ubiquitous 1989 track by Slick Rick. Is the house music scene in such an utterly dire state that there are no clips of anyone dancing that Defected can pinch for their own self-promotional reasons?

They’re meant to be an events company, for goodness sake. Is there really nothing they’ve filmed at their own events they can reappropriate? There’s more shows than ever in their diary nowadays – no excuses…

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