People really will buy any old rubbish! You can buy a Richie Hawtin cardboard cutout – and we have no idea why you’d want one…

Sometimes at Ears To The House, we wonder if there really are dark clouds on the horizon in the economy. Because it seems no matter how dire any economic forecast is, or how bad projections are on the increase in interest rates, opportunities to waste money on absolute nonsense continue to pop up on a daily basis.

The dance music world is no exception – indeed, the only surprise to us so far is that nobody has yet set up a website where you can buy farts in a jar from your favourite DJs. It can only be a matter of time before it happens – after all, the sample pack bandwagon won’t last forever.

In the meantime, can we tempt you with this cardboard cutout of Richie Hawtin?

Jokes aside about whether the cardboard version has any more charisma than the real life version, the Celebrity Cutouts website claims “Lifesize Cutouts are great for parties and events but are equally popular for use at home”. And what would you use a Richie Hawtin cardboard cutout in your house for, exactly?

The consensus at Ears To The House is that he could be left at the window to scare potential burglars away. It’s £46.10 for a lifesize cardboard version of Richie Hawtin – or you could just buy a mask of his face for £4.07. But quite why you’d want to remains a mystery…

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