Wednesday Whisper: 3rd May 2023

Which DJ is currently trying to extract himself from a very messy situation caused by an apparent inability to keep it in his trousers? A few months ago, the DJ – who has a long-term girlfriend who’s been asking more and more questions about why there isn’t a ring on her finger yet – performed a number of sets along the east coast of the United States.

Of course, it’s not his performances on stage which we’re talking about here. The story goes that he met up with a lady friend whilst in New York – his dubious excuse being that they hadn’t seen each other since before the pandemic. This subsequently led to him giving the aforementioned lady – who we gather makes her money as an OnlyFans model – a special performance of her own.

Unfortunately for him, the lady has since fallen pregnant – and is adamant that the DJ is definitely the father. The DJ is keen to ensure that his girlfriend doesn’t find out about his, shall we say, indiscretion and has offered to pay for the lady to have an abortion at a top private clinic. An offer which she is understood to have refused.

To make things just that little bit more complicated – as if it already wasn’t – the girlfriend and the lady also know each other and recently met up for a coffee. The girlfriend is aware of the pregnancy, but has yet to find out who the father is. And the DJ very much hopes things stay that way…

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