Your bias is showing! Mixmag patronise their readers by telling them Ricardo Villalobos is “the only king we care about” – on the day of Charles III’s coronation…

When it comes to politics, Ears To The House firmly has both feet in the same camp as country music singer Dolly Parton. In 2019, she was asked a question about then president Donald Trump and said “I don’t do politics. I have too many fans on both sides of the fence. Of course, I have my opinion, but I learned years ago to keep my mouth shut about things.”.

Yesterday was, of course, the day Britain and the commonwealth held the coronation of King Charles III to the throne, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year. Now, we acknowledge the views of our readers will differ on this subject – some will be celebrating the new monarch, some will question the point of monarchy at all and many simply won’t care at all.

All legitimate viewpoints – it’s up to individuals to decide for themselves on constitutional matters. Unfortunately, Mixmag thinks differently. They believe they should have the right to impose their own group-think on their readers – hence why yesterday morning, they posted this on their Facebook feed…

Casting aside for a minute that Mixmag are simply presuming that their audience consists entirely of ardent republicans – this article is almost eight years old. Indeed, almost none of the people who work for the publication now were even there at the time it was originally written.

We’re also not sure that referring to Ricardo Villalobos as “the king” is the hot take that Mixmag seem to think it is. This is a man known almost as much for his consumption of drugs as he is for creating mind-numbingly long and boring remixes of already boring records – not exactly much of an achievement for a so-called “king”…

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