Can the phony Kerri Chandler be recognised by his incredibly foul mouth? Even Kent Brockman would be interested in this story of Instagram fakery…

There was an episode of The Simpsons, first broadcast in 1998, featuring a memorable scene where the rambunctious newscaster Kent Brockman says “Authorities say that the phony Pope can be recognised by his high-top sneakers and incredibly foul mouth”. And on this Tuesday evening, it’s all we can think about.

The real Kerri Chandler – you know, the one who made all those tracks with the heavy kick drums in the 90s and who loves all things space related – has 127,000 followers on Instagram and a shiny blue tick. That said, this doesn’t appear to have prevented some idiot from trying to pretend that they are Kerri Chandler too.

It’s unclear whether this fake Kerri Chandler wears high-top sneakers, and he has shown no sign – well, not yet anyway – of having an incredibly foul mouth. Here’s one such message sent from the account…

So what – or whom – is behind this fake account? It remains unclear, although we can confirm the account was created over the weekend. Ears To The House has tried to make contact with the account, but our efforts have so far proved about as fruitful as Chandler’s efforts to communicate with aliens.

No doubt Chandler will be yelling “hallelujah” when Instagram take the account down…

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