Thoughts and prayers indeed! Carl Craig wants the world to know what it’s like to be Carl Craig – and does the world’s worst pitch in the process…

There are many things which a lot of DJs in dance music’s higher echelons aren’t very good at. By that, we mean things such as playing decent music in their sets, having any sense of self-awareness, or even being remotely pleasant as people – for every gentleman like Carl Cox, there are far too many others who have allowed fame to go to their heads.

This is one of the things which these same DJs don’t like about Ears To The House. We don’t just kowtow to them in the way outlets such as Resident Advisor and the especially craven Mixmag does – and it’s something which many of the legacy DJs in particular especially dislike.

One person who certainly knows a thing or two about getting angry when held to account is Detroit’s very own Carl Craig. The 54-year-old DJ and producer had a temper tantrum on one occasion when we dared pose a few gentle questions – whilst not naming this site directly, he used the same photo that we’re using on this post.

Now, Carl Craig wants us to see the reality of what it’s like to be Carl Craig. So much so that he’s launched his own exhibition at Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary Art – and here he is talking about it…

As far as sales pitches go, Carl Craig’s pitch of what it’s like to be Carl Craig is one of the worst we’ve ever seen. In years gone by, DJs were simply DJs and they played to their strengths – this word salad is basically what happens when they have to think for themselves.

Of course, Craig curiously failed to mention the more positive aspects of his life. Such as the fact he’s a millionaire, he owns a lovely $700k house in a posh Detroit suburb, and that he has, in fact, got a very varied and happy life. Yes, he has a tendency to back losers like Derrick May – but such is life.

All the same, we still wouldn’t want to be Unkle Carl. And no number of vain exhibitions will persuade us otherwise…

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