Are you sure about that one? Derrick Carter celebrated his friend Honey Dijon’s birthday recently – and he seems to think she’s won a Grammy…

Over the past year or two, the words Grammy Awards and dance music have started to bother one another again after a long period of indifference. Now, there have been winners in the past – such as Frankie Knuckles receiving the Remixer of the Year award in the Non-Classical category in February 1998.

Other people from the dance music world to have won Grammy Awards include David Morales, Roger Sanchez, Hex Hector, and Deep Dish. This is all a matter of public record, and Ears To The House congratulates them on their achievements.

In 2021, Booker T was nominated for an award for his remix of “Back To Life” by Soul II Soul. He didn’t win – but is now frequently advertised as “the Grammy nominated Booker T”. And last year, Terry Hunter was nominated for his remix of “Break My Soul” by Beyoncé Knowles – he was beaten to the prize by Purple Disco Machine for his rework of Lizzo’s “About Time”.

One person who was also nominated was Honey Dijon – because of her work on “Renaissance”, an album by the aforementioned Beyoncé Knowles. The album itself did extremely well at the awards – although Dijon herself did not win any awards personally on that night.

Curiously, however, this hasn’t stopped her from trying to claim otherwise. In a now-deleted post on her personal Facebook page, she insisted that “I f***ing won a Grammy”. And now, it appears that close personal friend Derrick Carter is also under the same incorrect impression.

Taking to Facebook recently in celebration of Dijon’s birthday, he claimed “I bet your sister doesn’t have a Grammy”. So what exactly is going on here?

The kindest interpretation of this is that Dijon was part of the success of “Renaissance”, and that she therefore contributed to its ultimate victory. Whilst this is undoubtedly true, the Grammy was for the album – not all of the individuals who worked on it. If that’s the case, where do they draw the line – are all the engineers who worked behind the scenes entitled to lay claim to one as well?

And before anyone asks, Ears To The House is well aware that they’ll receive certificates from the Grammies confirming they were involved with a project which did win an award. We did check their own documentation on the subject, and we reproduce a section of it here…

Anyone receiving a Grammy itself gets an award handed to them that night – which they would then be photographed with prominently. All we’re saying is if a photo exists of Honey Dijon brandishing a Grammy in her hands, we’ve yet to see it…

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