Honey Dijon, Derrick Carter, and now Defected! Luke Solomon is the latest to get a House Masters compilation – with yet another dubious claim about a Grammy…

There seems to be some kind of bizarre affliction going around in the world of house music at the moment – and it all centres around the Grammy Awards. The rest of the world might have forgotten about them five minutes after the awards ceremony finished – but a few have not.

As Ears To The House reported yesterday, Honey Dijon and Derrick Carter appear to have got themselves terribly confused. The affliction presents itself with the symptom where you insist that yourself, or someone associated with you, won a Grammy award – yet the official record states otherwise.

Carter claimed that his friend “has a Grammy” – a statement demonstrated to be inaccurate from a rudimentary visit to the Grammy Awards own website. It confirms that Dijon – real name Honey Redmond – has not got an award of her own, but it does reveal that she worked on the Beyoncé Knowles album “Renaissance”.

This album did indeed win the Grammy Award for no less than four separate categories – and Redmond did indeed play a part in its success. However, to state that she won an award in her own right is not what the record actually states.

Unfortunately, it appears this affliction is now spreading into the world of business – with house music behemoth Defected coming down with it. Promoting their forthcoming House Masters compilation – which is with their very own artist Luke Solomon – Defected point out that he is a “GRAMMY Award winning producer”.

Once again, a quick look at the awards website casts doubt on this claim…

Just like with Honey Dijon, Solomon contributed to Beyoncé’s album as a producer. Yes, he was part of its success – but must we keep having to point out to Defected’s own artists that they haven’t won an award of their own because of it?

Even they concede this themselves – Defected’s own article from the time vaguely states that “Classic Music Company co-founder Luke Solomon alongside long-time collaborators and producers Honey Dijon, Dave Giles II and Chris Penny all received their accolades last week”.

Ears To The House hopes that all those who have fallen foul of this affliction get better soon…

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