DJs Playing Badly: 16th July 2023

Welcome to another instalment of DJs Playing Badly – our column where, each Sunday, we take a look at DJs who have committed some kind of fail. Perhaps a totally messed up mix transition or they’ve failed to create any kind of atmosphere. You get the idea.

This week’s instalment is likely to result in a lot of long faces – literally. Whilst some might think we’re the foals for complaining about this, Ears To The House believes the truth should be told – even if it makes us feel a little hoarse. There’s neigh room for sentiment in this column.

Why all the horse puns? Because today’s lowlight includes MCR-T and HorsegiirL – which still doesn’t make this sound remotely exciting. So here’s someone with a horse mask over their face playing some truly dreadful music.

We can only apologise.

DJs Playing Badly returns next weekend.

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