Resident Advisor spoke with Moodymann for a puff piece, but the reactions of their own readers tells a different story – and just WHAT did they call a strip club?

A few weeks ago, Ears To The House published an article where we referenced some comments made online by Kenny Dixon Jr – otherwise known as Detroit producer Moodymann. He spoke about how a lot of people were actually involved in Detroit techno’s development, but also insisted on sticking to the questionable fact that Juan Atkins started it all.

Naturally enough, the article tells us that Dixon is all smiles and sunshine, whilst conveniently ignoring all the bits that suggest he might not be. No questions are asked, for example, about his admission that he was a drug dealer when younger – nor does Resident Advisor probe his admission that he was “on probation” in the early 90s.

Instead, Nyshka Chandran spends her time describing how Dixon sometimes plays for free, and gushes all about his “modesty”. Taken altogether, Chandran’s piece displays levels of sycophancy that might just give dance music press doyenne Annabel Ross a run for her money.

Thankfully, it’s not just Ears To The House which has noticed. Shortly after the article was published to Resident Advisor’s Facebook page, the post was deluged with comments. And they weren’t quite as sycophantic as the original article – with one commenting that he saw Moodymann at Defected Croatia last year, and thought he was “one of the worst DJs I’ve ever seen”.

But possibly the strangest of all was this paragraph. Take a look at the third line in it…

That’s a euphemism for strip club right there. How the hell did that one get past the right-on editors at Resident Advisor?

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