Just how big is this man’s ego?! John Summit has an adoring Facebook fan group that “celebrates John Summit” – oh, and one of the admins is John Summit himself…

As far as weeks ago, John Summit is probably hoping this one would just finish already. Ever since he first went public on Tuesday with allegations that a company was trying to sue him over a trademark issue, he’s faced a torrent of criticism on social media. But it’s not just the wrath of the public he’s dealing with.

A well-connected source spoke with Ears To The House yesterday and told us that “There’s been some disquiet in the industry over the way John has handled this. Disputes do happen, and they do sometimes go public, but the fact he encouraged his own fans to basically bully a smaller company hasn’t gone down well. Whether he’s in the right or wrong, it’s not a good look. I’d be surprised if no one has pulled him aside and had words with him about it.”.

If Summit – real name John Schuster – is looking for a safe refuge right now, he could do far worse than head to the John Summit Fan Group on Facebook. According to the list of rules set out by the admins, the group exists to “celebrate John Summit – his music, his live sets, his epic adventures touring and just him as a person”.

Ironically enough, however, the first rule of the group is to “be kind” – saying that “insulting, belittling or bullying other members will get you banned from the group without prior warning. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Given the events of this week, those words are suddenly looking very hollow.

Rest assured that, whatever is inside this group, there won’t be any discussion of Schuster’s actions this week. The reason? John Summit himself is listed as one of the group’s administrators – and like a fair few other higher echelon DJs, he keeps a close eye on what’s being written about him online.

And he isn’t the only one…

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