That didn’t go down too well! Peggy Gou gets slammed by her own fans for playing in Israel – and why has she cast aside a 2018 vow not to play in the state until the conflict was “resolved”?

One thing which Ears To The House quickly noticed after we started writing about dance music was that thinking isn’t a strength of many higher echelon DJs. For every Carl Cox – a man who can articulate things well and is a true professional – there are at least five others who weren’t especially gifted in the brain department.

It’s with this in mind that we shall remind you of an incident with Peggy Gou. In September 2018, Gou cancelled a gig at DGTL in Israel’s Tel Aviv after a furore erupted on social media. At the time, she said “After seeing a number of people whose ideologies I respect initiate a cultural boycott of Israel, I have decided to join them. I sincerely hope that the conflict is resolved as soon as possible.”.

Now, Ears To The House has taken a look – and nowhere online can we find a declaration that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is over. Indeed, the modern-day war began in 1947, although the roots go back to at least a century earlier – but no ceasefire or peace declaration exists.

Hence why, when Gou went to play at Tel Aviv in 2022, she got some stick for it. Not that it stopped her, of course – because Gou was back at it earlier this month…

The comments she received back weren’t exactly positive. Infact, most were downright withering of her decision to play in the state – and regardless of who backs whom in the conflict, feedback along these lines would be considered a PR disaster in any other industry…

Gou hasn’t responded to any of the negative comments about her Israeli appearance. And nor is she likely to…

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