How much unreleased material is out there? As the dance music world joins those paying tribute to Sinéad O’Connor after her death, it’s revealed she was working on an album with David Holmes…

Whenever a great musician passes away, one question that’s often posed is how much unreleased material they have in their own archives. The last time the dance music world saw this was when Frankie Knuckles – one of house’s real originators – died back in 2014. How many gems in his own catalogue had never been heard by the public before?

As it later transpired, there weren’t many. Long-time friend and colleague Eric Kupper confirmed the idea that some vast archive existed was a myth. One recording that was never released, however, was “I Want The Love Of My Own” – but despite some two years having now passed, DJ International are yet to put the song out.

The question will surely once again be posed this weekend after the untimely passing of Sinéad O’Connor – she was found dead at her London home by the authorities on Wednesday. O’Connor was a name that occasionally crossed over into the dance music world – Belgian producer Mike Dierickx notoriously remixed her song “Troy (The Phoenix From The Flame)” under his Push alias in 2002, to cite one of many examples.

So, how much unreleased material will be in O’Connor’s collection? It’s a very interesting question – and with her having been active since the 1980s, and having dabbled across numerous different genres in that time, how much has never seen the light of day is truly anyone’s guess.

What is known, however, is that she was working on an album before her death. David Holmes, a DJ and producer from Northern Ireland, confirmed his involvement with the project in an Instagram post – whether this album sees a posthumous release is something that will become clear in time.

Hopefully, anything in there comes out sooner than the aforementioned Frankie Knuckles release…

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