Can your readers not make their own minds up, then? Mixmag patronise their readers with clickbait headline on Kanye West’s return to Elon Musk’s X…

Here at Ears To The House, we make no attempt to disguise the fact that we have opinions on things. Contrary to what some people would tell you, we always try to be fair on the subjects that we cover – but we have never claimed to be entirely objective or impartial. We tell you what we think, but we never tell you what to think.

This is in sharp contrast to the dance music press – filled with publications that were permeated a long time ago by a type of groupthink. Dance music press doyenne Annabel Ross referred to herself as being from “the woke left” – and whilst this isn’t the full picture, her attitudes to subjects in dance music is very reflective of the magazines she writes for.

If they’re to be believed, only left-wingers are entitled to like dance music. In truth, if they found out just how right-wing many of the higher echelon DJs really are, their soy lattes would curdle. They also push certain narratives on their readers – whilst simultaneously failing to call out those in their own industry who they seemingly disagree with.

Which is why we weren’t exactly surprised when we saw this headline on their site yesterday…

Now, let’s get one or two things clear here. The difference in the world views of Ears To The House and Kanye West are vast – there’s little of what he’s said over the years with which we agree. And yes, we also believe X – or Twitter, as it used to be known – was right to ban West’s account last year.

However, be in no doubt – this is not merely an attempt by Mixmag to convey its opinion on this subject. If it was, they would do this with most, if not all, of their articles. The fact this is the only one that starts with the word “regrettably” seeks to tell their readers what they should think.

What is surprising, however, is that they decided to be quite so open with the practice on this article. It gets no better when you read it – infact, it gets worse. Bur the great irony here? Had they just published the facts on West, their readers would have probably come to the same conclusions anyway.

What do the editors at the dance music press publications do all day? It remains a mystery…

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