Wednesday Whisper: rumours, just rumours | November 1, 2023

Which one of the trendy tech-house male DJs – and yes, we know that really doesn’t narrow it down much – is alleged to have started wearing a ring on his finger because he thinks it’ll get him more attention from the opposite sex? The ring is said to be on the second finger on the left hand – in many countries, this is where the wedding ring is worn.

There’s just one problem. The DJ in question is not married and, to the best of our knowledge, never has been. Infact, he has stated on social media in the past that marriage wasn’t something he foresaw in his future – claiming he was enjoying the single life too much.

So why exactly has he apparently decided to stick a ring on his finger anyway? According to our mole, it’s the result of a conversation he had with a friend – who we strongly suspect was trolling the DJ. It seems he was complaining about the single life – the same one he claims to enjoy – and the subsequent lack of sex.

His friend advised him to wear a wedding ring – citing some “research” he’d seen which claimed women were more likely to pursue men whom they believed to be unavailable. The “research”, in reality, consisted of a few red pill Andrew Tate type videos.

So how much more success is the DJ now having with the ladies, after apparently spending around $3000 on a fancy ring? None whatsoever, by all accounts…

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