Do we really have to be the ones to point this out? Kenny Carpenter posts an old photo with Don Welch from the mid-90s at Sound Factory NYC – and says “we were still playing vinyl”…

Back when house music was starting to become a thing, there was no such thing as a career in it. You did what you did, and you might have some successes – or you might not. Heck, most of those making house music in its early days thought it wouldn’t last.

And yet, here we are. The first house track was pressed to vinyl nearly 40 years ago – as far as we can tell, Jesse Saunders’s claim that it was his own “On And On” is accurate. Many of those DJs who were around in those early days are still around, and still very much at work.

But they tend to be in one of two camps. The first that accepts things change over time and that they must change with it. Or there’s the second, filled with people who think everything used to be better when they were starting out.

Kenny Carpenter – who started out at the notorious Studio 54 in the mid-70s – fits somewhere in the middle. Posting on Facebook yesterday, he showed us a photograph of himself at work in the mid-90s at the infamous Sound Factory NYC – alongside Don Welch…

Now, Ears To The House has nothing against a bit of reminiscing about yesteryear from time to time – why else do you think we run our Here’s Three They Made Earlier column on Monday nights? But there comes a point when it becomes rather ridiculous – and it verges on doing so here.

Carpenter writes that “This was before the digital revolution, and we were all still playing vinyl”. Well, of course you were, Kenny – unless Sound Factory NYC had a time machine that gave them access to a service that hadn’t yet been invented, they had little choice but to play music off those circular pieces of black wax.

The biggest irony here, however? Responding to an individual asking whether Carpenter still played vinyl, he replied with “I had two operations on my back, so I can’t carry records anymore. I was a happy man when digital technology came along.”.

It’s like we said earlier today – you can’t stop technological advances…

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