Wednesday Whisper: rumours, just rumours | November 22, 2023

Which DJ has been complaining recently that certain aspects of his day to day career in the industry are changing – and not in a good way? For the past few weeks, he’s been telling anyone who’ll listen – and almost as many who won’t – about how things are becoming “too woke”. Allow us to explain.

It all started a few weeks ago, when the DJ started protesting to his management about the way they were trying to co-ordinate some flights – in order to reduce costs and have more than one of their artists on the same plane. When told why they were doing this, he responded by demanding they raise his fee to cover the cost of him flying by himself – despite his average fee having increased by almost 40% in the past year.

But his biggest gripe came about last week, when he spent around half an hour whinging that DJ riders were becoming “too woke”. The DJ recalled one occasion the previous weekend, after he’d made a number of requests on his rider – mostly for things like cigarettes, alcohol and any variety of snack, so long as it was hot and spicy.

What he received wasn’t exactly what he’d ordered, to say the least. His eventual rider consisted of menthol cigarettes, alcohol-free beer, and a supply of vegetables. Whether he received this because of a mix-up or was simply being trolled is unclear – but this, apparently, is “evidence” that riders are “becoming too woke now”.

Mind you, none of this seemed to bother him at the time – we’re told that he drank and ate everything…

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