The music making bug never leaves you! Brian Tappert confirms that 90s US garage duo Jazz-N-Groove are working on new projects – but where does that leave their current baby?

There’s only one week now until the large bearded one with the red coat makes his annual visit – and people finally find out who made the nice list and the naughty list. But of course, Santa doesn’t have a monopoly on issuing gifts at Christmas time – and for fans of soulful US house and garage from the 1990s, they’ve just had a very big present delivered over the weekend.

Brian Tappert revealed on Instagram yesterday that Jazz-N-Groove – now there’s a name which brings back memories in the Ears To The House office – are getting back together. Perhaps it’s the taste for everything nostalgic right now that has something to do with it, or perhaps it’s the fact that music producers nearly always feel tempted to go back into the studio after some time away that’s responsible.

For the benefit of newer house music fans, allow us to briefly sum up the story of Jazz-N-Groove. The duo – consisting of Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy – met around 1991 and put out their first releases together in 1993. From 1994 until around 2000, they were prolific remixers – slowing down at the turn of the millennium before eventually founding Traxsource back in 2004 and pretty much working on that ever since.

Tagged in the Instagram post was Marc Pomeroy, the other half of Jazz-N-Groove, and John Julius Knight. It’s unclear exactly what Knight’s role in the project is, but he is known in his own right as a highly talented musician – in other words, there’s not much that can go wrong here.

And as for anyone wondering about the implications this has for Traxsource, their current baby, fear not – Ears To The House has received assurances that, as far as the site is concerned, it’s business as normal…

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