What’s with the high paying jobs all of a sudden? Resident Advisor’s hiring spree hasn’t stopped over Christmas – and Whitney Wei’s replacement is to be announced soon…

It might be the day after Christmas – known to some as Boxing Day, known to some others as St Stephen’s Day and known otherwise simply as Tuesday – but the dance music world hasn’t entirely stopped to gorge on alcohol, chocolate and table-groaning amounts of turkey. One place where things haven’t ceased, much to our surprise, is Resident Advisor.

Just days before their offices shut up shop for their festive break, they posted a glut of new adverts on their own dance music job site Doors Open – and they signal some potentially interesting new developments over the next year. For example, the company is currently looking for several new mobile app developers in places as far afield as Manchester, Madrid, London, and Berlin.

The salary scale offered for each of these positions varies from £70,000 up to £95,000 per year – whereas in comparison, the new editors that Resident Advisor wanted to hire in New York and London were offered between £45,000 and £75,000. Is Ears To The House being just a tad cynical in suspecting that the priority of any new mobile app isn’t going to be the news division of the company?

The other big job currently up for grabs is for a regional manager in North America – based in New York on a salary between $53,000 and $57,000 per year. Again, it looks to us like Resident Advisor believe there’s still plenty of growth – and therefore money – to come out of the region.

Another change due to be announced by the company early in the New Year is who’s ultimately replacing Whitney Wei, their editor-in-chief for the past two and a half years. Ears To The House understands that Wei’s old job has effectively been split into two – with a source previously saying “The problem is that Resident Advisor is changing a lot at the moment, and [Wei] effectively now got two jobs. She’s a pretty hands-on editor when she gets the chance, but they now need someone who can be totally devoted to just one job.”

Exactly who’s managed to get these two positions is a closely guarded secret – and so is what Wei will be doing in the future…

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