And some STILL think it was a hoax! Steve Laviniere spent his fourth Christmas away from home after catching Covid-19 in March 2020 – but a fundraiser this weekend hopes to help…

One of those issues that Ears To The House used to talk about in some detail in our early days was the pandemic. Yes, it was undoubtedly very frustrating to see DJs unable to go about their work – but it simply wasn’t a time for people to take leave of their senses.

Unfortunately, many DJs proved atnthe time that thinking wasn’t their greatest strength – hence why the likes of Danny Rampling, DJ Sneak and so forth started pushing conspiracy theories suggesting the pandemic was some kind of scam. Even reality bumping into their madcap views – such as when the unvaccinated Paul Johnson died with the virus in 2021 – wasn’t enough to make them think again.

Back in March 2020, brothers Robert and Stephen Laviniere – who make up long-running London house music duo Bobby & Steve – both fell sick with Covid-19. Both men ended up in hospital, and both men were placed into induced comas – such was the virulent force of the virus on their bodies.

However, whilst Robert was taken off a ventilator after seven days and recovered over the next two months, his brother Steve wasn’t so lucky. For he was to suffer from a rare condition called acute haemorrhagic leukoencephalitis – leading to multiple organ failure and inflammation of the brain.

To this day, he cannot walk or talk and has to be fed through a tube. Having spent a colossal amount of time in hospital, he was moved to a care home last year – understood to be some five hours drive away from his home in London. So what are the chances of Steve being able to return home?

The odds are good right now, but challenges remain. A number of fundraisers have already taken place to pay for future care, including extensive work that’ll be required to make Steve’s home accessible to him – Ears To The House understands that the authorities have already granted permission for the work to take place.

The latest Dance For Stevie fundraiser takes place this coming Friday at London’s Jazz Cafe – with those attending getting treated to performances by Robert Owens and First Choice’s Rochelle Fleming. There’s also some comedy and several hours of DJ sets afterwards – but anyone hoping to dine at the restaurant looks set to be disappointed…

It’s a shame – our editor is already salivating at the prospect of a crispy Thai chicken starter, followed by the miso marinated monkfish, and a cocktail or two to wash it down. Anyway, here’s hoping for a very successful fundraiser…

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