Nice to see the important topics being discussed! Lithuania’s Somniac One asks her fans for their opinions on DJs’ horizontal activities – and a lot of her industry colleagues are VERY quiet…

There are certain celebrities out there who attract as much attention for their, shall we say, private activities as they do for public ones. Frankly, there wouldn’t be a tabloid press without it – because for every person who condemns what they call “intrusion”, you’ll have many others who can’t wait to lap it up.

The dance music press has never really caught up with this trend – even though they know full well that many DJs in the dance music industry are incredibly promiscuous. And whilst magazines did occasionally broach the subject in the past – such as when Judge Jules was interviewed by Britain’s Muzik Magazine in 1999 – they won’t go anywhere near the topic nowadays.

Few in the industry will discuss it – even the most chauvinistic male knows that talking about how many women he’s had sex with will put off a lot of fans. Yet none of this prevented Lithuania’s very own Somniac One from posing a question on the subject of DJs engaging in a particular type of horizontal activity…

Judging by the comments section, the topic wasn’t as controversial as Somniac One thought it would be – with most responses either not feeling tempted by the prospect, but with many others saying it was a simple matter of whether those involved consented. But there was one thing noticeable to Ears To The House by its absence.

That was, of course, the notable lack of blue tick DJs – you know the higher echelon ones bestowed with verified badges by Threads’ owners, Meta. Yes, there were a few making remarks – but you also know there were many others who have taken part in such activities in the past, yet were choosing to say nothing at all.

You should be in absolutely no doubt that they are seeing what’s being written – mostly because they’re happy to reply when it suits them. They collectively crawl out from the woodwork whenever they want to post words of sympathy about someone’s illness or death, and the same happens when someone shares good news – such as an award win or another career highlight.

Yet here, they have nothing to say. So why is this? It’s simple – it’s because it suits their interests to stay quiet about this more murky aspect of the job. They had nothing to say in the pandemics early days about making changes to the industry, nor did they speak out against plague raves – because their self-interest tells them not to.

Let’s just continue to pretend it’s simply not there – after all, that’s what they’d like us to do…

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