Just don’t stick one of her voicemails on your track! As Honey Dijon continues cosying up to Madonna, a cautionary tale from an era when Junior Vasquez used to do the same thing…

And there was us thinking that we might be able to get through the rest of 2023 without writing another article about Honey Dijon – but our editor obviously has other ideas. Fresh from inadvertently reminding the world yet again that there’s still no photo of herself and Beyoncé Knowles in circulation, the Chicago DJ has decided to double down on her friendship with Madonna.

Or, more specifically, her friend Terry Farley – he who used to be relevant in the 90s, but is now a mouthpiece at the Defected backed Faith Fanzine – has come out to bat on her behalf. Farley wrote an incredibly brief post on Instagram the other day which managed to leave out by far the most interesting bit.

So in the spirit of Christmas – the Christian festival is twelve days long, after all – Ears To The House is happy to help him out…

Farley writes about someone called Junior – for the uninitiated, that would be a guy called Junior Vasquez. In addition to being most well-known for his residency at a club called Sound Factory in New York, he was also very much a remixer to the stars – reworking music from the likes of the Spice Girls, Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, Deborah Cox, and Janet Jackson.

In short, Vasquez was a paradox – the likes of Mixmag paraded the story of him being underground house’s saviour, yet he had connections all over the mainstream music industry. One of his friends was none other than Madonna – but this friendship eventually turned sour.

Vasquez had reportedly invited Madonna to perform at the Tunnel nightclub – and word is that she failed to turn up for the show. In response, Vasquez went into the studio and created a track called “If Madonna Calls”, sampling a voicemail message from Madonna left on his answerphone.

The message simply stated “Hello Junior, this is Madonna. Are you there? Call me in Miami!” – but its use in the song wasn’t approved by the singer, who ended her professional relationship with him as a result. So whilst Honey Dijon is happy to remind the world about her new best friend, a word to the wise – don’t be tempted to stick any of her voice messages on a future release…

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