Turns out even being an EDM superstar can still get you rejected! David Guetta reveals that Katy Perry turned down the chance to appear on 2011 hit “Titanium”…

It’s safe to say that David Guetta is one of those names that has a Marmite effect on people. They typically either think he’s the best thing to come out of dance music in years, or by far the worst. The Ears To The House verdict is that someone had to profit from the explosion of EDM – and if it wasn’t Guetta, it would have been someone else.

Much of the music he makes nowadays isn’t to our taste, but the fact he previously sold his music catalogue to Warner Music for $100million obviously proves there’s a demand for what he does – and unlike some of his peers, he does at least have roots in house music going back to the late 1980s. Guetta is more like a piñata of EDM – and we suspect this fact doesn’t really bother him.

One thing that we will certainly say in Guetta’s defence is he understands how to create a good song – and he knows all too well that it relies on choosing the right person to sing it. For example, “Just A Little More Love” wouldn’t sound the same without Chris Willis, and it’s hard to imagine “Titanium” without Australian singer Sia.

And yet, that’s almost what happened. Now, it’s already a matter of public knowledge that Mary J Blige previously recorded a demo of the song – which eventually leaked onto the internet – but what isn’t so well known is that Katy Perry actually turned down the song as well…

Guetta then explains that Sia apparently required some convincing to stay involved with the track – but that isn’t quite what she told NPR Music in 2014.

“I wrote it for Alicia Keys. And then she passed. And then Mary J. Blige sang it. And then he took her vocal off it, and put my vocal back on, my demo vocal, without asking and released it. And I never even knew it was gonna happen, and I was really upset. Because I had just retired, I was trying to be a pop songwriter, not an artist.”


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