It WAS a nice little earner for you, though! Mr C says selling his plush LA house “broke him” in his resolutions for 2024 and vows to “be kinder to myself” – but will the ratty musician extend that to others?

It doesn’t take much to upset Richard West, the man who calls himself Mr C. The man himself has managed to sustain a career in dance music since its early days – an impressive achievement in this ever-changing landscape – but it’s safe to say he’s picked up a few detractors along the way.

Then again, West has never been the type to help his own case. Back in 2019, he posted on Facebook that he believed the police should have more funding – a claim that Chloe Harris, whom he was due to play alongside days later, jokingly replied to with “f*** the police”.

West couldn’t resist getting a row going, with Harris telling The Stranger that he referred to her as a “stupid vile c**t” – before taking to his Facebook page to urge his followers to do the same thing. Things got so bad that Facebook took the post down under their anti-bullying policies.

The Cascadia festival cancelled West’s slot at the event – because “he refused invitations to reconsider his words”. It remains to be seen whether West’s words will cost him more work in 2024 – and given his vow to “be kinder to myself” and apparently not others in his New Year’s resolutions, it’s not the most encouraging start.

Amusingly, West refers to the sale of his house in Los Angeles – but what he doesn’t mention is how much money he got for it. According to property website Zillow, the house was sold on August 7th for $1.85million – although Ears To The House understands that the price was reduced by $250,000 before its sale.

Further to this, Realtor reveals that West purchased the home in 2009 for $900,000. In other words, West made a cool $950,000 profit on his investment – and even once things like estate agent fees and such are paid, he’ll still have a very tidy nest egg. Surely that must count for something?

As for his curious suggestion that he must go all the way to Thailand to do his daily meditation, on the grounds that his London home apparently has the builders in – if literally anyone else was resorting to such drastic measures, West and his fans would be the first to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Funny how they stay quiet when it’s one of their own doing it…

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