Naming victims? Not on my site!

I’ve posted a few times over the past few days about Erick Morillo. I made my view clear on the matter yesterday and have received a combination of praise for being level headed and condemnation from one particular person who appeared to deduce that I was excusing his actions by not commenting on them.

A strange line of logic, if ever there was one.

There was one thing, however, that I wasn’t going to tolerate. One or two individuals – and these are individuals whom I’ve never seen before, not my beloved regulars who are far too sensible for this sort of thing – attempted to name the woman who made the complaint against Morillo. They also made a number of claims, some originating from the world of tin foil hats. I shall not give them the oxygen of publicity.

In much of the world, persons who make complaints of a sexual nature against another person have lifetime anonymity, unless they volunteer to give it away themselves. I’m fairly sure such rules apply in the USA as much as they do here in the UK.

I will not be allowing anyone who break the law in such a way on this page. An immediate and permanent ban faces anyone who attempts it.

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