Derrick May drops his own fight – is it what it is?

I see that the defamation case that Derrick May brought against Michael James has been dismissed – by Derrick May himself. It appears that May didn’t have the bottle to finish the fight that he started himself.

I might come back to this one another time to talk in more detail. Right now, it’s Saturday night and I’m in no mood to write long posts. So this will suffice.

Just a few short weeks ago, May was arguing that he was a private person. An odd stance for a person who has spent the past few decades touring the world and doing interviews with no end of media outlets in that time.

I’m sure that Derrick May would not possibly suggest to the contrary just weeks later that he is a public figure. Here’s a little letter he apparently wrote to the judge on the matter, where he doesn’t suggest such a thing at all.

He must think we’re all idiots…

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