Racism pays well in the music industry, doesn’t it?

On February 2nd, Morgan Wallen was removed in disgrace by Spotify from its coveted playlists due to a video where he’s clearly heard shouting a racial slur. Were Spotify trying to appear all woke, or were they genuinely outraged by what had happened?

You can be the judge of that. All I know is that on February 23rd, just three weeks later, he was reinstated on one of the biggest playlists they have. We all know that Daniel Ek and Spotify’s only love is money – even when they can’t turn a profit once in 15 years – but this is shameless even by their standards.

If you believe that the music industry will seriously punish Wallen for his actions, you’re deluding yourselves. It’s not going to happen. And given that he’s currently the most streamed artist of the year, the public aren’t in the mood to punish him either.

Remember what I said about this industry thinking it doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else?

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