The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 27th February 2021

On the week that a man faked his own kidnapping so he didn’t have to go to work, I go through the records that might not get you out of work, but might certainly make it go a bit faster!

Lee Wilson – Sometimes (Spacedisco)
Now this is an unexpected surprise. Most of Hatiras stuff is filled with disco samples and as much as I respect everything he’s accomplished over the years, a lot of his current output isn’t for me. This remix, though, is right up my street. Working with a sensational singer like Lee Wilson probably helps, but there’s a certain skill involved in making a vocal shine whilst also making your mark on a production. Hatiras has got this bang on the money.

DJ Oji & Richard Payton – Take 5 (POJI Records)
Did you ever foresee the day that the words Dave Brubeck Quartet would appear anywhere near a house record? No, me neither. Yet here we are. First up is a 5/4 nu-jazz interpretation – if you can work this into a set, you’ve worked it out faster than me! Thankfully, Richard Payton provides a more traditional 4/4 house version. It’s very Masters At Work and very addictive!

Sy Sez & His Bitter Truth – Raise You Up (Raising Records)
This is the first release from a label. It’s a chance to make a statement and you only get one chance at it. As it goes, this is a good one. The original is lovely and soulful. That’ll win a few fans straight away. For those of us that like it a bit tougher – yes, that includes me – True2Life provides one of the best dubs he’s ever done. Well worth the money.

Anaud Strong – Music Lives In Me (Indeed Records)
Entity is actually an alias of a brilliant singer called Darian Crouse. He does one hell of a good job on this record – having a strong male vocal himself, Mr Crouse knows exactly what will work with Anaud Strong’s voice. What a treat!

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