Derrick May: “It would hurt people to see Transmat disappear”

I’ll be coming back to the subject of Derrick May later this week. I’m rather busy with a few remixes right now, and I need to get them finished. So for now, here’s this.

Some years ago, Derrick May gave an interview to Red Bull. It was an interesting one, and I intend to dissect it more as soon as I have time. But here’s a whopper that’s worthy of noting.

For context, he was talking about the financial hit that his label and agency took in regards to a festival that took place in Detroit…

“We’re not going to let Transmat fall, but I did have some rough calls. It’s very much a part of the institution of electronic music, and I will not let it fall, because it would be a travesty. I think, for a lot of people who believe in electronic music, to see a label like that just disappear would hurt.”

Oh dear. I wonder what he makes of his manager Patricia Altisent (who hates it when her email address is published, apparently) doing precisely that?

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