The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 10th April 2021

On the week that a lorry crashed, causing a spillage of syrup on a Pennsylvania highway, I go through the tunes that’ll give you that sugar rush, avoiding the ones that’ll just leave you in a sticky situation.

Scott Diaz – Resolution EP (Sub_Urban)
Mr Scott Diaz is vastly underrated. Be in no doubt about that. I like almost everything he does, and this EP has got class written all over it. “Work It Out” features the vocals of Loa. It’s a bit of a slow burner for me, but give this a chance. It deserves it. The other tracks are more dubby in their nature and highly enjoyable.

Stoim Feat. Laura Jackson – Dreams Come True (Groove Culture)
Thankfully, this is not a cover of a Gabrielle song, but an original in its own right. Jackson’s vocal starts almost understated on this, but gradually builds up as the song goes on. The mix by Groove Assassin goes the same way too – later on, it’s all about the rotary organ sound you’d hear in a church. The dub? Okay, but I think a more traditional GA sounding would have been an interesting prospect.

DJ Disciple Feat. E-Man – Food For The Soul (Catch 22)
No sign of Demarkus Lewis on this release for Catch 22. I suppose even a music making machine like Lewis requires a day off occasionally. Anyway, Tom Chubb steps in here to rework a song with the infamous voice of E-Man on it. And I must say I think Chubb does an exceptional job here. Brilliance.

DAN T & Jadey Leigh – Tidal Wave (Upcycle)
I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that garage house has gotten stale since a promising start a few years ago. A distinct lack of proper vocal tunes has stifled the scene from day one. So when Dan T and Jadey Leigh turn up with this, it’s well worth paying attention. There’s some very nice ideas on the vocal mix and I think it’s got a lot of potential. The dub? Too conservative with a small C for me.

TRUEFIRE Feat. D-Lo – Love Machine (Pogo House)
Me thinks that Pogo House boss Martin Depp had one eye on the pop charts when he decided to sign this! In terms of being at the front of the zeitgeist, this record is very much it – friendly male vocal to draw you in, nice set of piano chords, and all the usual stuff. Mr Tune reins it in a bit. I’d be particularly interested to see what direction the Pogo House regulars would go if given an opportunity to remix this…

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