The forgotten art of the dub – Part 6

All this week, I’ve been running a series on this page dedicated to some of my favourite dubs from the world of house music. There may well have to be a continuation of this series in the future! For today’s concluding part, I go back all the way to 1991.

The 1990s were a fantastic time to be in the remix business. Practically any label that wanted to boost its vinyl sales wanted remixes – and those remixers knew it. They could charge big money for their work. Figures like £10,000 and above were not uncommon. And there were few that commanded higher fees than Masters At Work.

At this time, remixers were given enormous levels of freedom with where they took the songs they were asked to rework. So far as they received a version more respectful of the original, labels were perfectly comfortable with including more leftfield mixes. This is very much one of them.

Only a few vocal snippets from the original song seem to have been used here. The remix replays sections of “I Need You” by Nikita Warren – in the early 90s, this was an extremely common practice. So far as ideas go, it’s probably not the most original.

Yet in the world of house music, just about everyone recognises it to this day…

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