The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 17th April 2021

On the week that an Indian lawyer demanded that Prince Harry be arrested to fulfill a promise of marriage – what an episode of Catfish that would be! – I seperate the records that deserve to be set free by a judge from the ones deserving of life imprisonment.

Paris Brightledge – Deep In My Soul (Clone Club Series)
For many singers, their voices regrettably get weaker as they get older. The opposite seems to have happened for Paris Brightledge. His 1987 release, “It’s Alright”, has heaps of power in it – and this has even more so. Three different tracks are offered over four mixes. It’s agonisingly hard choosing a favourite when they all sound this good – everyone involved here clearly understands house music. But if I simply had to choose one, it would probably be the Eric Kupper remix of “For Love” with Robert Bond. An exceptional release.

Darren Studholme Feat. Sarah B – Together / Push To The Limit EP (Veksler)
A few weeks ago, I said I hoped that Darren Studholme and Sarah B would do some more songs together. And it turns out they’ve done two! Not sure why Veksler made the decision to release both at the same time – both of these stand out in their own right – but Together is my personal favourite.

Jeremy Sylvester – Without A Fight (Urban Dubz)
This one is part 2021, part 1991. It’s got those drums and those punchy basslines that Sylvester’s modern output is known for, but it’s also got that kind of synthesised saxophone sound that the likes of MK popularised in the early 1990s. I can see this working at several points in any set.

Yooks Feat. Richelle Hicks – Trying Days (Infinity Music)
I’m quite the fan of Richelle Hicks, having worked with her myself a number of times in the past. I’m a fan of this record too. Lovely stuff.

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