Bring on the loonies! Sacha Lord tweets about festival with no Covid restrictions – and his followers start losing their marbles

Sacha Lord’s conduct is worthy of the name indeed. He rarely comes down from his ivory tower to engage with anyone – and he certainly has a lot of followers. If he does not deem you worthy, he simply will not speak to you.

Yet he happily pontificates about his legal battle against the government to reopen English hospitality sooner. He also rewards plague rave DJs, which brings him down somewhat further in my estimation.

This fact is unlikely to bother him, and ironically, this is something I quite like. But there is something else about the likes of Mr Lord that I find helpful. His platform is an excellent one for exposing morons.

Take this tweet that he sent out earlier today.

I absolutely agree with his assertion that we need to try and see how to bring back festivals, clubs and such safely. A huge amount of the entertainment industry is in serious trouble and jobs are on the line here.

This poster mentions that other terms of entry apply – namely that you have to take a lateral flow test and get a negative result before gaining entry. And sure enough, here come the morons! He’s just a few of them…

It’s scary how many people actually believe this stuff. Most recently, I came across it in person only last week.

I was with my daughter in the playground. A young man arrived with a girl of the same age. He started talking to me. Just the usual “what’s your name, where you from, nice weather we’ve got today” small talk.

And then he got started. What I can only describe politely as a tsunami of bollocks proceeded to excrete itself from his mouth, including…

  • His claim that PCR tests are “rigged” in that the result is predetermined at the time of manufacture. More positive ones are sent out when the authorities think “more fear needs to be instilled” into person.
  • Face masks are actually “slave masks” and that he would never wear one.
  • His view that Covid-19 does not actually exist and that the vaccine is to “depopulate the world”.
  • He believes that “a small group of people run the world”, without naming any of them, and that this pandemic is about killing off the middle classes.

People actually believe this stuff. It’s disturbing how a man was able to argue, in such an articulate and cogent way, for stuff that is completely made up.

I wish this event in Liverpool well. And if it annoys the highly disproportionate number of idiots in the music world who seem to think this is a conspiracy by Bill Gates to install 5G in all of us, so be it!

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