Less Boohoo, more Boo! Sterling Void branches out into the clothing market – but would YOU want to be seen dead in an SV branded jacket?

It’s been a while since this blog had anything up about Sterling Covid. His depressing second wave is underway, the first having taken 32 years to quell. And sadly, no vaccine currently exists against the Sterling Void virus.

The last time I wrote about Mr Void was back on March 27th, when I enquired when his book will be coming out. Sadly, I have yet to hear if my offer of $24 for the rights to print an extract from this mythical tomb has been accepted. Hopefully, rumoured publishers Crack & Rock will get back to me soon.

Anyway, what’s Duane up to these days? Not a lot, from what I can tell. My sources tell me he isn’t particularly active on social media at the moment. However, I have been able to find out that he now runs an online shop.

Yes, you can now buy clothing with the Sterling Void brand on it. A selection of hats, T-shirts, hoodies and many more hoodies is available, and all at hugely inflated prices even with the marked discounts.

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, he is most certainly not. One wonders what the Frankie Knuckles Foundation would make of Void selling this for nearly $35…

And as for this…

He charges $67 for that.

Seriously, just how much crack has this guy smoked? You couldn’t pay me enough money to take it from him, let alone wear it.

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