Just £4 a month will help feed a Derrick May! Now “techno legend” reduced to begging for money on Mixcloud Select

Times are not exactly good for Derrick May. Gigs are in short supply, partly thanks to the pandemic and partly thanks to promoters not being comfortable with booking a man accused of sexually assaulting no less than 18 different women.

Money is in short supply. The rumour mill is in overdrive with rumours that May still hasn’t paid his solicitor, Kyle J Dupuy of Dupuy Law Firm PLC. He dropped his case against Michael James because he claimed not to have the $10,000 that the judge wanted to continue the case. Perhaps he’s even more broke than anyone thinks?

So May has had to resort to new ways of making money. Mercifully, he hasn’t resorted to setting up an OnlyFans page – by all accounts, enough women out there have already received unsolicited pictures of the unsavoury kind.

Nor has he joined the likes of Cameo, and started doing personalised videos – like Judge Jules, who charges £123.67 for a video. Instead, May has gone through his extensive archive of DJ sets and started uploading them to the Mixcloud Select service.

This is what you see when you go to the page.

Get closer to Derrick May? That is not the tantalising prospect that he thinks it is. Quite the opposite for his alleged victims…

Mixcloud have responded to this story, telling me that”The appropriate member of staff who will look into this in accordance with our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. They will take action as they see fit at this point.”

I will get back to this story once I hear more.

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